This Artist Made A Beautiful Portrait Of Imran Khan Using Words Of The National Anthem


Pakistani artists are highly talented and innovative without a doubt. Their work is exception and commendable.

Sonia Nisa is also one of those passionate and creative artists.

Sonia Nisa loves to work with calligraphy and she recently came to light when she created a calligraphy portrait of PM Imran Khan with the words of our National Anthem.

She shared the time lapse of the calligraphy portrait on her Instagram account.

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Time-lapse of my design and calligraphy portrait of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan ImrankhanPti with the Pakistani National anthem personified within his face 🇵🇰 This will be displayed at an Art Exhibition in Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar 🇶🇦❤ An honest, inspirational, and just leader who I sincerely admire as a role model! This project took me about 8 to 10 hours to complete and I was up awake painting it until 2am on Monday so I could possibly gift it to him when he visits Qatar the next day (Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019) but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet him nor pass the gift onto him. (But you never know, the message may get to him and I may be able to gift it to him eventually hehe ) Please help me reach the message to him by sharing and tagging imrankhan.pti Thanks a lot! May God bestow His peace,mercy and blessings upon our leader and our country ameen❤ The design is patent and copyright protected 2019. All rights reserved. #PMIK #Imrankhan #Pakistan #PTI #Doha #Qatar #art #calligraphy #peace #love #portrait #nationalanthem #komitarana #leader #Pakistani #urdu #farsi #pathan Imrankhanpti Imrankhanpti #pti #imrankhanpti #pakistan #nationalanthem #pakistanzindabad #pakistani #leader @imrankhan.pti

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It was Sonia’s intent to gift the potrait to Imran Khan during his visit to Qatar. However, she didn’t get a chance to meet him nor pass the gift onto him. Now, this portrait will be displayed at an art exhibition in Doha, Qatar.

Sonia admires Imran Khan as a role model and regards him as a just, honest and inspirational leader.

Therefore, she wanted to pay a tribute to him through a unique calligraphy portrait and came up with this mind blowing masterpiece.



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