The ‘Dreamy-Eyed’ Chaiwala Appeared In A Morning Show: Brand Voice

I’m sure the memory of Arshad Khan, the dreamy-eyed chaiwala is still fresh in everyone’s mind. His oh-so-gorgeous picture totally annihilated the internet. So much so that the humble tea-seller even bagged a modelling contract!

Arshad Khan recently appeared on a Pakistani talk show, Good Moring Pakistan, and got himself a makeover. If you were drooling over this chaiwala before, you’ll certainly be gawking incessantly after his makeover! 

1. Arshad Khan arrived on the show as his everyday self.


2. Then the show decided to give him a makeover.


3. And here’s the result!


4. *GAWK*


5. Oh of course, he’s popular with the ladies…!


7. Just look at her smile! She’s totally loving it!

8. Picture With The Host ? My Pleasure !!
A part of me really admires the makeover, but a major part is really envious!
Time to set up my very own tea-stall.
SPECIAL OFFER: Instagrammers get their chai on the house.
*Waiting for modelling contract*

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